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Strawberry Rhubarb Spread

Strawberry Rhubarb Spread

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"Strawberry cellar"
The Danish Selection brand was established in 1834 by the "Strawberry cellar" - which at that time was located in Copenhagen on the very famous 'Str√∏get', which is the world's longest pedestrian street

The "Strawberry basement" was the place where people from Copenhagen and the provinces came to buy carefully picked, fresh, berries and fruits. In an adjacent summer restaurant the customers could buy coffee, tea, homemade ice cream, fruit desserts and layer cakes.

The original recipe
After 1922 the summer restaurant began to stay open all the year round - serving strawberries and cream when in season and stewed fruit with thickening and cream at other times. In the following years a jam factory was established, in which jam was produced and sold in old-fashion jam jars with brown and white labels - just like today.
The production consisted of a very gentle handling of the berries in open kettels, according to the "strawberry cellar" original recipe - a production method which is reflected in today's jam manufacturing proces.
From 1979 'The Danish Selection' has been used as a trade mark for the popular jam.

Wild strawberries can be found in large parts of America, Europe and Asia. After the 13th century wild varieties were raised but the strawberry we know today did not occur before the 18th century. The strawberry plant is a low-growing perennial on which the flower becomes the fruit - it swells and becomes a juicy and delicious strawberry during the ripening period. Strawberries are harvested in June/July.

Rhubarb originates from the area along the Volga River and the south of Siberia and was not raised in Europe until the 18th century when it was used in meals. The rhubarb is a perennial which consists of thick stalks with big leaves. The fresh read leaf stalks are used for marmalade. The harvest takes place in May.