Visit us at 347-4th Street Courtenay, BC. Call us at (250) 338-8621. We are currently in the process of updating our online stock, so please check back often.

Deli Menu


* all sandwiches come with a cookie

Joe's Original with your choice of meat...
... mayo mustard mix, New Zealand Edam & German Pickles
Hot Runges Reuben takes 12 mins. give or take ;-) 7.99
Runges Roast Beef with Horseradish Monterey Jack
Runges Reuben Pickle a NY Pickle stuffed with a Reuben 5.59
Smoked Turkey Breast with Cranberry Sauce 6.99
Leberkäse fried bavarian meatloaf, sauerkraut, German pickle, red onion, seedy dijon mustard


Runge's traditional Potato salad

Runge's Traditional Meat Salad 

1.99 per 100g


Weekly Soups

We have stopped soups for the season,

Look for our wonderful housemade soups again come Fall 2021